TORONTO, ON — January 19, 2021 — OJO Home Canada, the real estate tech company guiding the world to homeownership success, today announced an integration with the Fraser Institute, a leading source of school ranking data in Canada. Starting today, listings on OJO will include key data on schools in the area – including a detailed report on how the school is doing academically compared to other ranked schools. This integration will make OJO the only real estate search platform outfitted with Fraser Institute’s highly regarded school ranking data.

While there are many factors when evaluating a property, finding a home within a good school district is often at the top of the list. In fact, 42% of U.S. buyers aged 31-40 said the quality of the school district was a factor that influenced their neighborhood choice, according to a recent survey from the National Association of Realtors. Access to this data will help OJO consumers better understand this critical factor when evaluating homes, which may ultimately help them make better decisions for their family and future.

“OJO Labs is dedicated to bringing transparency to the home-buying journey, arming consumers with deep insights into property listings, including market statistics, nearby points of interest, environmental factors such as elevation – and now, school rankings,” said Natalka Falcomer, President, OJO Home Canada. “The Fraser Institute has been the go-to resource for school rankings in Canada for more than two decades, and we’re thrilled to bring their trusted data to our consumers.”

In 2021, OJO Home Canada expanded its offering in Canada in collaboration with RBC Ventures to bring a seamless home-buying experience to Canadian consumers. Over the past 6 months, OJO has grown to serve consumers in nearly 1,700 cities across Canada. Additionally, the company’s network of highly-vetted and trusted agents – OJO Select Network Canada – has expanded to more than 400 agents.

“Buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisions many Canadians will ever make. To that end, we continue to enhance our platform with the data and features consumers need to feel confident about their buying decisions – whether it be understanding if a home is staycation ready, or now, understanding the quality of schools in their neighbourhood with trusted school rankings” said Simon Maycock, Vice President of RBC Ventures. “Integrating the Fraser Institute’s respected school ranking data into OJO’s innovative platform is another way we are working to ensure that Canadians can find a home that truly fits their needs.”

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